"You're either one of two things in this world, you're either at the table or on the menu." -Yakman302
My goal is to help people achieve their dreams by helping them complete their goals.
A person needs sound advice from a loyal consultant they can trust and depend on.
You can find all of that here at the table with Yakman302


I'm a marketing and social media strategy consultant based out of Wilmington, DE. 
I have over 5 years of experience with social media marketing, influencer partnerships, brand sponsorships; creating editorial content, and fostering media relationships.


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New companies
• Project and Program Management 
• Team Facilitation 
• Process Improvement 
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• Strategic Partnerships 
• Writing Contributions 
• Marketing Strategy 
• Media and Influencer Relations 
• Event Planning/Coordination 
• Connect with Industry Leaders 
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• Looking for something else?  We can help.
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You’ll see me around venues across the country, actively plugging for clientele, capturing content for my team and other sponsors to post on social media. Building relationships with artists is important to create opportunities for cross-promotion and future networking in different kinds of demographics and locations around the country.
At The Table, the YouTube series is a platform to interview artists which provides insight into the culture and beyond. Fans can get to know the personalities of the battle rapper on and off the stage. Another way I connect the artists and fans is by bringing the artists to local clubs where fans and other locals have an opportunity to meet the rappers when they come to host an event.
A big bonus for me is bringing artists in for studio time. This is where we produce music that will be promoted and marketed to the mainstream music industry in an effort of earning a record deal contract for the artist.
Of course, there’s the lighter side of life. During this time I may challenge the artists to a basketball game or shoot Comedy skits for fun while always promoting my clients' brand and Al Capone Premium Cigarillos.
You’re either at the table or on the menu… No Comment!
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