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At URL events, you’ll see me around the venue actively plugging for Al Capone Cigarillos and capturing content for URL and others sponsors to post on social media. Building relationships with artists is important to create opportunities for cross-promotion and future networking in different kinds of demographics and locations around the country.

At The Table YouTube series is a platform to interview artists which provides insight into the culture and beyond. Fans can get to know the personalities of the battle rapper on and off the stage. Another way I connect the artists and fans is by bringing the artists to local clubs where fans and other locals have an opportunity to meet the rappers when they come to host an event.

A big bonus for me is bringing artists in for studio time. This is where we produce music which will be promoted and marketed to the mainstream music industry in efforts of earning a record deal contract for the artist.

Of course, there’s the lighter side of life. During this time I may challenge the artists to a basketball game or shoot comedy skits for fun while always promoting the best battle rap league, URL, and Al Capone Premium Cigarillos.

You’re either at the table or on the menu… No Comment!


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If you want to see what an Al Capone brand ambassadors does, start with Omar. His hard work, dedication, and continued passion for the brand has made him a valuable asset to the Al Capone team. Omar is always repping Al Capone in his community, region, and across the country with Al Capone swag and genuine personality.

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